Sunday, 16 September 2018

Becca Shimmering skin perfector pressed highlighter

Becca Shimmering skin perfector pressed highlighter in Opal (mini size). My first ever highend product and also my first ever purchase from Sephora. If you love makeup as much as I do - it's quite a memorable product for me. 

I personally like the packaging of Becca products, but I know some don't. If you feel it in your hand - it's a good quality package. I have the miniature size product and it contains 2.4 grams of product. It's quite small, but a good size for me to actually use it up. I got mine from Poland and it costed roughly 15 euros. 

Shade Opal is my summer shade and it would be too dark for me in winter. However it's fine, beacause I like more a blinding highlighter in summer anyway. It's such a great formula and it looks smooth on the skin, so doesn't emphasize any texture. I highly recommend to try it. 

Let me know which products from Becca you like, as I would like to try out some more of the Becca products.


Thursday, 13 September 2018

Lookfantastic beauty box: September edition

 I have liked the idea of beauty boxes for a long time. Finally I deciced to order one. 
You can get a lookfantastic beauty box for 20 euros, but I ordered mine for 6 months and in this way one box costs me 17 euros. Basically the more boxes you sign up for the cheaper they are. You won't pay for all of them once, but they take the many from your bank account as they've shipped the box out.
The main reason why I ordered a beauty box is because I use the same products over and over again. So I think it's a good way to try some new products and see if there are some new brands and products I would enjoy. As I to travel between two cities every single week it's also great to have miniature size products. 
I live in Estonia and there aren't many brands which ship their beauty boxes to here. Lookfantastic box seemed the best for me, as it's reasonably priced and contains decent amount of products. 
Lookfantastic beauty box is based on skincare and there aren't too many makeup items. That's fine by me as I'm getting more and more into skincare instead of makeup. As I've undestood - the box usually contains 6 items, free Elle magazine and a booklet, which introduces you the items. 
The idea with these beauty boxes is I'm going to unbox it as soon as it arrives and do a post about it. At the end of the month I'm going to write which products I liked and didn't like. Also there can be products I wouldn't end up using, so stay tuned. 

September is the birthday month for beauty boxes and it had some extra items. 
The items in September box:
1) Philip Kingsley Elastieizer (shampoo treatment)
2) Omorovicza Ultranoor mud mask
3) EVE LOM cleanser and 1/2 muslin cloth (basically two items in one)
4) Mane n Tail Original Hoof Marker hand &nail cream
5) Lord & Berry Strobing pencil
6) Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath and shower oil
7) Parma violets perfumed sweets (managed to eat most of them, as I was super hungry when I first opened the box :)


Monday, 10 September 2018

M.A.C Cosmetics

I'm 23 years old and finally bought my first ever M.A.C makeup. I've been a drugstore kind of girl for years and haven't have any high end makeup items. However recently I've treated myself with some. 

Here in Estonia shop called Kaubamaja has a deal when you buy something from Mac you get free lipstick (you can choose between two shades Lady Danger and Ruby Woo). 
I decided to pick up

Mac Prep+prime fix+ (100ml). I haven't noticed a massive difference with my makeup lasting, but as I have dry skin it adds a little extra moisture to my skin. Also it's so rereshing in the morning. I have used it for two days, but so far absolutely love it.  (Hint - if you can see it in my September faves, when you know I love it). It costs €19.99 which I find to be decent. 

As my freebee I chose Ruby Woo and I think I know now why people love Mac lipsticks. It opaque and applies so well on the lips. It's retro matte finish, but I don't find it drying on my lips. Also the color is such a classic red with blue undertone. 

If really to think now - I got 2 Mac products for 20 euros, so 10 euros per item, it's such a good deal. Beacause in these days I spend 20 euros for 2 drugstore products as well. 


Sunday, 2 September 2018

August favourites

I haven't written a blogpost for an absolute ages. But I've been missing my favourite's posts, not beacause I think I write them well (haha), but I enjoy looking them back. So here they are - my August faves.

First of all I bought The Body Shop tea tree anti-imperfection daily solution in June and I├Áve been using it ever since. I've seen a hugh different in my skin from June to now. Having a spot or two was a regular thing for me, but now I do get them only occasionally and even then I can get rid off them quite quickly (hopefully don't jinx it). I use it both in morning and evening and continue using it. 

Nivea Watermelon shine is the only lip color I use. It moisturise enough and also adds a pretty glossy pink colour. Also smells great.

Catrice Colour correcting powder. I think they discontinued it, but I've seen some of them still in the shops. So if you can see it - crab it. I can't say much about colour correcting, but it's a great powder. I have quite dry skin, but I still like to set my makeup with powder. It makes my makeup lasting longer, but doesn't look cakey on too dry. 

The one I use at the moment.

W7 Hollywood bronze and glow. You'll only enjoy this product if you like shimmer. I used to like matte bronzer, but this shimmery bronzing powder is beautiful. It doesn't look shimmery on cheeks just glowy. I usually apply it all over my cheeks as all-in-one cheek colour. The highlighter in this palette is nice, but not wowing. It's quite subtle and I also find it's getting more chalky with time. 

Becca Shimmering skin perfector pressed highlighter in Opal (mini size). My first ever highend product. So pretty. Shade opal is my summer shade and it would be too dark for me in winter. However it's fine, beacause I like more a blinding highlighter in summer anyway. It's such a great formula and doesn't emphasize any texture. I highly recommend to try it out. 

Catrice Slim'matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil in the shade 030 Dark. It's a great brow product then you just need fill them in a little bit. It's a tiny pencil and it's easy to use. I have quite a bold eyebrows naturally, but I still have some gaps I like to fill in. It's a great product to use in a rush. Negative side about it is the fact how quickly it runs out. I go through it within a month even I just use it to fill in some small gaps. 

I hope you enjoyed this post because I deffinetly enjoyed writing it and hopefully there will be another post sooner than in two years.